Tuesday, October 16, 2018

What are those red circles on my back from cupping?

The markings left behind from cupping is a result of a treatment that consisted of using silicone cups that suction and lift the muscles, and the layers of facia. The more darker the markings the more congestion is present. The lifting of toxins is drawn out and will fade anywhere from 3 days to a week. Where there is more congestion it can last up to 3 weeks.

Cupping stimulates blood flow in the areas being treated and helps the muscles gain oxygen in order to reduce pain and increases performance. Clients and patients  seek cupping treatment for many purposes including to help with pain inflammation, blood flow, relaxation.

Did you know there are also tiny facial cupping tools for the face for the help of circulation to get that glow to start your day and to smooth away tired aged skin.  Also, for any issues with tempomandibular joint, cupping may also be used to relax the muscles, and will not leave the markings as they are much smaller than ones used on the back and other areas of the body.

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