Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Chiropractic Care and Headaches

Being able to think clearly and calmly allows us to make decisions, process emotions, and carry on with our day-to-day lives. That clarity can be easily destroyed with a headaches. Many people have occasional headaches, but frequent headaches that affect your ability to sleep or get on with your day can be disabling.
Different Types of Headaches
Common types of headaches are tension, migraine, and cervicogenic headaches.
Tension-type headaches commonly present as band-like tension around the head, whereas migraine headaches usually result in pain on one side of the head and are commonly accompanied by nausea and sensitivity to light and sound.
With cervicogenic headaches, the neck is the source of the problem but the pain is perceived in one or more areas of the head and/or face. The causes of headaches are not always well understood but a family history of headaches, neck stiffness, and stress are common factors.
How can chiropractors help with headaches?

Chiropractors can assess, diagnose, and manage headaches. Current evidence suggests that chiropractic care, including manual therapy, can be effective in treating cervicogenic and tension headaches.1 Studies have also shown that chiropractic care can help decrease the intensity and frequency of migraines.1 Treatment options may include:
1.      Manual therapy (specific adjustments)
2.      Soft tissue therapy
3.      Modalities including electrical stimulation, acupuncture, and ultrasound
4.      Rehabilitation (Stretches and Exercises)
5.      Lifestyle changes and education (Ergonomic changes at work, at computer)
6.      Referral and co-management
It’s important to take headaches seriously. Consider consulting a chiropractor if you often have headaches, if you frequently take a pain reliever for your headaches, if your headache pattern changes, or if your headaches are getting worse. Seek prompt attention if your headache is sudden and severe, follows a head injury, or is accompanied by fever, stiff neck, weakness, numbness, or difficulty speaking.

Chiropractic can provide fast, effective relief of neck pain and headaches. If you or loved ones suffer from headaches, call to start the healing process with Chiropractic.

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Tuesday, January 23, 2018

New Years Resolutions

A recent study showed that last year only 8% of us managed to achieve their New Year goals, meaning of us 92% didn’t. This got me thinking. How come only 8%? And how did that 8% do it, while still living a normal working life?
Digging deeper, I found a common pattern behind their success. And before you ask, no, the successful 8% were not all unemployed! Below I list the reasons why some were able to maintain enthusiasm, motivation and most importantly, self-discipline.
Make your Goals Specific
People proclaim “this year I’m going to get in shape” but what does that actually mean? Rather leave out the gray area and specifically tell yourself your goal is to reach a certain weight, run three miles a day, or do an extra three reps in the gym will help massively to stick to your resolution.
Rule for Success 1 – State your Goals!
Measure Progress
“If you can’t measure it, you can’t change it.” Keep record where you began. With a specific goal in mind, stick with your resolution and measure progress along the way. These feedback loops is a great source of motivation as you can reflect on past records and see where you’ve reached.
Rule for Success 2 – Keep a Record of your Progress
Schedule It
Have you ever told someone you just simply ‘don’t have time’ to hit the gym, or ‘don’t have time’ to eat healthy? Truth is nobody has time, we make time. A good tip is to treat these resolutions as appointments; you wouldn’t often re-schedule an appointment so why reschedule a spin class? That which is scheduled gets done. Rule for Success 3 – Put it in the Diary
Get up when you Slip Up!
Slip-Ups happen. Just don’t treat these slip-ups as meltdowns or an excuse to give up. Acknowledge the mistake and continuing on the path to your goal. It’s about developing the right skills and having the patience that inevitably lead to success.
Rule for Success 4 – Perseverance is the Key
How many of you know the positive effects Chiropractic can have on our bodies and mind? Regular adjustments help us to move easier, sleep better, be more motivated, make us feel better and create happiness in ourselves. All this, partnered with your New Year’s resolutions, will give us a fantastic, healthy and determined start to the New Year.
Rule for Success 5 – Look After Your Body: It’s the Only Place You have to Live!

Will 2018 be the year you join the Elite 8% or part of the 92%?

Tuesday, January 16, 2018


Now that the Christmas season has past and we are getting back to our regular schedules we need to remember something we probably rarely think about. Our breathing.
Breath is essential to life. It is the first thing we do when we are born and the last thing we do when we leave. What we may not realize is that the mind, body, and breath are intimately connected and can influence each other. Our breathing is influenced by our thoughts, and our thoughts and physiology can be influenced by our breath.
There are many benefits to a regular practice of simple deep breathing. Reduced anxiety and depression, lower/stabilized blood pressure, increased energy levels, muscle relaxation, and decreased feelings of stress, to name a few.
Breathing exercises can be as simple as sitting on a chair with our feet on the ground and noticing our breath. Just becoming aware of how we breathe can have an impact on it. We can sit for a few minutes or longer. The body will benefit from any time spend consciously breathing.
So take some time and sit and breath. Your body will thank you for it.

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Tuesday, January 09, 2018

Small changes, big benefits

Did you know that small change in your life can have massive benefits in many different ways, both in short and long term? It takes 30 days to make a habit, or change to a new behaviour. It’s only 30 days that’s not so long is it?
So instead of trying to make big life changes in one day. Try starting one thing. Just one behaviour or action that you are doing every day that you would like to change in order to become a better person or live a healthier life.
Here are some examples of some small changes;
·        Feeling stressed in the morning? If so get up 5 minutes earlier than you usually do. This can help you to not start the day in a rush!
·        Drink water instead of fuzzy drinks.
·        Here’s an oldie, but a goodie. Walk or cycle to work or to the local grocery store instead of taking the car.
·        Skip that afternoon everyday Grande Caffe Latte. This will save you $3.65 a day or $18.25 in a five day work week. Through the year this small change will save you a whooping $876. Health wise you won’t be consuming that 200 calories a day.
Small changes lead to saving money and health benefits. So what small change will you make?

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Tuesday, January 02, 2018

New years resolutuions

It is a new year and a new fresh start- what are your New Years resolutions?

New Year resolution ideas

1.      Be more mindful
2.      Do one random act of kindness daily
3.      Read more books- at least 30 min per day
4.      Meditate daily- reduces anxiety
5.      Reduce phone and screen time
6.      Hug your loved ones more- releases oxytocin
7.      Reduce your toxin exposure- reduce sugars and preservative in your food 
8.      Take probiotics – work on healthy gut flora
9.      Get more sleep- 8 hours a night
1.  Move more – at least 30 min per day

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