Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Stressors in Pregnancy

Stressors in pregnancy

Many expectant mothers are under large amounts of stress getting ready for a new baby in the house, changes in relationships and of course the stress many put on themselves to be the ‘perfect’ mother are factors on a health pregnancy and newborn.
There are several types of stress that can cause significant issues with both mother and baby- physical stress, anxiety, perceived stress, life events, pregnancy specific stress and health behavior.
Pregnancy-specific stress was associated with smoking, caffeine consumption, and unhealthy eating, and inversely associated with healthy eating, vitamin use, exercise, and gestational age at delivery. Cigarette smoking predicted lower birth weight.
Stress in pregnancy predicts earlier birth and lower birth weight. The pregnancy-specific stress contributes uniquely to birth outcomes compared with general stress assessing state anxiety, perceived stress, life events, pregnancy-specific stress, and health behaviors. Recent well-controlled human studies indicate that pregnant women with high stress and anxiety levels are at increased risk for spontaneous abortion and preterm labor and for having a malformed or growth-retarded baby (reduced head circumference in particular).

How can you change these outcomes and prevent stress to baby?
·        Eat Healthy
·        Take time for you and take care of your health and enjoy life
·        Make realistic expectations for being a mother- you cannot do it all- ask for help from family and friends for food preparation, cleaning, laundry and try to relax more. This is harder for some expectant mothers than other so she may need someone to tell her to stop, slow down or help her.
·        Rest and sleep- your body will need more of this as you get further along in your pregnancy
·        Take your vitamins (especially B complex) and eat healthy (yes I said it again)
·        Ask a professional for help-counselor, therapist, psychologist, psychiatrist
·        Make a date with your hubby and get away one last time before life gets busy with baby- it will help your relationship immensely
·        Chiropractic adjustments take stress of the nervous system, reduce pregnancy related and releases pain relieving hormones which elevate mood- thus reducing stress
I often have to talk to mothers about stress reduction and the damage it can cause on themselves, their family and the baby with perceived stress or the need for the birth and motherhood to be ‘perfect’.The more mothers strive for this the more stress it causes to herself and the unborn baby.

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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Support your Feet and your Body

Support Your Feet and Your Body

Hip, knee, and back pain are some of the common complaints that bring people to a doctor of chiropractic seeking relief. Often, these ailments are due to misalignments of the spine called subluxations. After evaluating the patient, the doctor of chiropractic can perform adjustments that bring the spine back into alignment, alleviating symptoms and helping the body perform more optimally. In addition to adjustments, the doctor may recommend exercises to help strengthen areas of the body to prevent reoccurrence. While regular chiropractic adjustments and exercises will improve the situation, the doctor may take one more step—prescribing a custom orthotics—to increase the effectiveness of the adjustments.

Orthotics can increase the effectiveness of adjustments for many reasons. Many of the misalignments that lead to pain throughout the lower body begin with poor mechanics of the feet, such as overpronation; this is when the arches of the foot drop, and the foot rolls inward while in motion. As the body compensates for this imbalance, extra stress is put on joints, and the spine can misalign. Chiropractic adjustments can address the misalignments, but over time, the body can return to its misaligned state and exasperate symptoms if the foot is not strong enough to support the body. An Orthotic can address the imbalances in the foot, which brings balance to the body and can alleviate painful symptoms. In addition, the Orthotic can absorb shock, which can reduce the amount of stress on joints, such as knees, ankles, and hips.

If an Orthotic is right for you, it is important that it is custom made to fit the biomechanics of your foot. Store-bought, generic orthotics may provide cushioning, but they do not support the complete foot, and they cannot address the complexity of each situation. A doctor of chiropractic can take a custom mold of your foot to achieve a properly fitting Orthotic. In addition, before the scan, the doctor can adjust your foot to optimal alignment so that the Orthotic supports the optimal structure of your foot.

With regular chiropractic care and a custom Orthotics when necessary, you can get rid of common painful symptoms.  Family First Chiropractic is open Monday to Saturday. To book an appointment call 403-347-3261. www.family1stchiro.ca

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Massage to Help Soft-Tissue Injuries to Heal

Injury Massage to Help Soft-
Tissue Injuries Heal 

            Using targeted injury massage techniques on soft-tissue injuries (such as muscle pulls and strains, tendinitis, ligament sprains, and whiplash) can help them heal faster.

Massage reduces spasm, pain, and swelling. Massage can also prevent the formation of excess scar tissue or reduce excess scar tissue and adhesion (stuck together tissue) that weaken muscles and make you prone to another injury.
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Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Chiropractic Proves better for Golf?

Can Chiropractic Improve Your Game?

· Many golfers suffer from chronic low back pain. Back pain responds exceptionally well to chiropractic adjustments, increasing mobility and range of motion.
· Chiropractic care aims to help improve posture and flexibility, two components of longer and more powerful drives.
· We become less flexible with age and immobility (working at a desk job, sitting in a car driving everyday) contributes to that as well. Swinging a golf club requires collaboration on the part of many joints from the feet up to the hands, including ankles, knees, hips, spine, elbows and wrists. Lack of flexibility contributes to many repetitive motion injuries in the joints. Chiropractic care attempts to address, correct and prevent joint injuries.
· When combined with stretching and corrective exercises, chiropractic care is a cost effective, all-natural way to improve mobility… which translates to consistency during the four – five hours it takes to play 18 holes.
Increased flexibility and mobility can certainly improve your golf score. Just ask the pros – nearly 75% of them receive regular chiropractic care while on tour each year.

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Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Natural and Effective Hemorrhoid Treatments

Natural and Effective Hemorrhoid treatments

Many people experience severe pain with hemorrhoids especially pregnant women. Some pregnant mothers experience this early in pregnancy and others not until later or subsequent pregnancies. Hemorrhoids, also known as piles are normally present veins in the anus and rectum that become swollen and distended. Hemorrhoids are a rectal varicosity but often many expectant mothers have leg, thigh and other varicosities which can also be treated with these methods.

Fortunately when pregnant there are many options to help with the hemorrhoids that are natural remedies:
1.      First liver support is needed, I often recommend eating liver supporting foods such lemon, limes and green leafy veggies, which are sources of anthocyanin’s and flavonoids.
2.      Secondly have your sacrum, coccyx and pubic bone assessed by a doctor of chiropractic and treated with specific chiropractic adjustments. Often the mis-alignment of the tailbone and spine can cause nerve irritation and enhance or cause the hemorrhoids. A very gentle adjustment to the coccyx can give relief and reduction of the pain and swelling.
3.      Increasing fiber in the diet especially if there is constipation involved.
4.      Drinking half your body weight in ounces per day of water-i.e. If you weigh 140 pounds then you should be drinking 70 ounces per day or 9-10 8 ounce glasses per day of water.
5.      Additional supplementation of Vitamin C will aid in the integrity of the blood vessel walls.
6.      Dandelion tea and milk thistle support the liver and can greatly help reduce varicosities and are safe to take when pregnant and nursing
7.      For the long-time or chronic hemorrhoid sufferers I recommend the homeopathy Hammemelis virginiana as well as doing a sitz bath on a regular basis. For acute the homeopathy Paeonia helps for the sharp stabbing pain.
8.      A Squatty potty will reduce the pressure on the rectum and help reduce the strain on the swollen veins when eliminating wastes.  www.squattypotty.com
9.      Sitz baths are very effective and greatly reduce swelling- thus relieving the pain. You can purchase a sitz bath plastic inset to go onto the toilet from many pharmacies and health food stores. Use luke warm to tepid water with a very strong Epsom salt concentration. When pregnant a few drops of lavender oil or juniper oil helps to reduce the inflammation added to your sitz bath.
10.  Shepherds purse also works very well with the sitz bath but is NOT RECOMMENDED WHEN PREGNANT.
11.  The cream combination from Borion Aesculus compose works well for the itching and pain of the hemorrhoids
12.  We will often tell my patients to do the homeopathy Hammemelis, then the sitz bath for 15 min followed by inserting the pinky or index finger while lying on your side in bed with a pillow between your knees and gently pushing the swollen veins back into the rectum. Then ‘clamping’ the rectum closed around the inserted finger, then removing your finger slowly keeping the rectum tight and contracted for 30 min. This will use your rectal muscles to compress on the swollen veins reducing the swelling and thus reducing the pain. You must lay there with the rectum closed on your side for 30 min- this will take some concentration and rectal muscle control.

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