Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Are you or your children addicted to technology?

Many people and parents are concerned about the addiction to technology in our society. The adverse effects of technology has become more in the forefront in the past several years. Internet gaming disorder is now becoming a real diagnosis.
Gaming, online, social media, TV, and other online addictions can cause changes in our brain. These changes affect sleep, emotional disturbances, withdrawal symptoms, crashes, depression, anxiety, obsession, compulsion, and much more.  This tech addiction gives us the false high and affects healthy relationships.  What are you and your children's daily usage, other than work and school activities? Be honest with yourself and your children’s usage!

Light usage: 1-2 hours per day
Moderate use: 2-4 hours per day
Heavy use:  4-6 hours per day
Severe: greater than 6 hours per day

There are several apps that you can put on your device(s) that track your usage, and many people are shocked at the amount that you are on your devices!

Take control Tips:
    Experience nature- get out and go for a walk
    Get moving-get out and do some exercise
    Free and creative play and activities- stimulate your right brain with imagination
    Good sleep hygiene – turn off the tech and devices in the bedrooms
    Practice mindfulness- breathing, yoga, meditation
    Dim the bright lights, and decrease the blue light
    Have an electronic fast, screen freeze times ‘Screen Free Zones’ such as at dinner
    Practice good posture
    Get adjusted!

Dr. Joelle Johnson is located at 142 Erickson Drive, Red Deer www.family1stchiro.ca 403-347-3261.

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