Tuesday, April 23, 2019

How you can get a better sleep?

Many patients complain of poor sleep and poor sleep habits. In practice, many parents bring in their children and babies to help with sleep disturbances.
The first question is the person having issues getting to sleep, staying asleep or awakening during the night.
Getting to sleep or staying asleep issues usually means low serotonin, which is a precursor to melatonin when the brain does not shut off, this would be a person who is restless and overthinking as they try to get to sleep.
 A 2-4 am wake up can mean a persons blood sugar is low, eating a few seeds or nuts before bed with protein in it can help reduce the drop in blood sugar.
If a person complains of insomnia and can’t get to sleep can mean lower dopamine levels. Many of these lower brain chemicals can be diet related.  Many patients can suffer from restless legs syndrome which may be due to low iron levels. Sleep apnea, which many people experience  is often associated with being overweight, gluten intolerances, tethered oral tissue, some people clench jaws at night which may mean they need proprioception or can be a result of parasites.

Ways you can enhance your sleep patterns:

     Get adjusted- specifically the areas that affect the parasympathetic nervous system ~Rest and Digest your food !this would be the sacrum and the cervical spine areas of the spine
    Enhance vagal tone before bed and before eating  – gargling, blowing, deep breathing
    Meditation before bed- start with 3 min each day HeartMath is a wonderful tool for kids and adults
    No screen time of any kind at least 60 minutes before rest this means no computer, laptop, IPAD, Phone, TV  this stimulates the brain and decreases melatonin production
    No charging technology in the bedroom as they emit EMF. If you are using them as an alarm clock turn onto airplane mode before bed.
    Journal- this helps to dump ideas and issues out of your mind in a healthy way
    Warm baths – Epsom salt baths with Lavender essential oils. However, some people cannot tolerate this if they have issues with sulfur based foods and substances and can be detrimental to their sleep. Essential oils are also sulfur based.
    Quiet- absolutely no noise in the room. Remove any loud clocks, animals and other sounds that may cause sleep disturbances
    Darkness -No light in the room – remove or cover over the light - no routers or other technology in the bedroom.
    Magnesium Glycinate 400 mg before bed
    Magnesium L-Threonate  may also help
    Adrenal support  may be needed to assist with proper cortisol rhythm with blood sugar issues
    Weighted blanket or heavy covers
    Homeopathy: Nux vomica for a racing mind works very well, a combination such as Pasconal or Quietude for younger children as well
    Deep joint compression before bed which increases proprioception
    Room temperature : 20 degree Celsius room temp

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Tuesday, April 09, 2019

Boost Your Immune System!

Massage therapy treatments can improve circulation and recovery time within your immune system. The movements that are performed during a massage can cause the blood to move in and out of joints and muscles. This flushing process can enhance circulation in areas and can sometimes aid in the speed of recovery from injuries.

Relax and calm tense and tightened muscles. Massage therapists can often work to treat lower back and neck pain that many of us often experience as a result of stress. A tense muscle can affect the balance of the entire body and can have a significant impact on things like posture. Favoring and protecting painful areas can cause us to compensate with other muscles, potentially causing injury and strain in additional parts of the body. 

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