Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Top 10 reasons to see a Chiropractor!

1.Back Pain- for relief and prevention.
Consumer Reports rated Chiropractic the #1 solution to lower back pain over medical care, medications, acupuncture and physical therapy. Numerous studies show how patients seeking chiropractic care for low back pain get relief faster and better results that last longer over time.

2. Neck Pain- relief and prevention.
Chiropractic’s history with neck pain is just as impressive as our results with lower back pain. Studies have found chiropractic patients recovered twice as fast as those receiving traditional medical care.

3. Pain, Tingling and/or Numbness in an Extremity.
Patients who are suffering with sciatica (in legs or feet), or a cervical radiculopathy (in arm or hand) usually seek medical intervention first due to the pain and discomfort. Chiropractic can remove the irritation/ pressure on the nerves affected, thereby addressing the cause instead of covering up the symptoms. In most cases, Chiropractic can delay or even eliminate the need for drugs or surgery.

4. Headaches/ Migraines- relief and prevention.
Headaches are a very common condition, but they are never “normal”. They are a sign that you have excessive stress on your central nervous system. Chiropractic has been shown to help with all sorts of headaches. From the classic migraines to tension type headaches. If headaches are plaguing you, Chiropractic is a logical place to start.

5. Easier Pregnancy and Labor. 
Moms-to-be have been finding relief at the chiropractor for all sorts of common issues during pregnancy. Conditions such as back pain, pelvic pain, heartburn, circulation problems, breech baby’s all have been shown to improve under chiropractic care. Patients who see chiropractors have also been shown to have shorter and less painful labour/ deliveries!

6. Improved Range of Motion and Peak Performance.
Many athletes see chiropractors on a regular basis. Professional athletes in every sport have endorsed chiropractic. Chiropractic helps the musculoskeletal system to perform better and reduce injuries and recover time. Athletes such as Tiger Woods, Jerry Rice, Evander Holyfield, Lance Armstrong and many others include Chiropractic as part of their lifestyle.

7. Healthier Children.
Mom and Dads have found relief in other ways through Chiropractic. More and more parents have been bringing their children to see the chiropractor for multiple reasons. Chiropractic care has helped many children recover from conditions such as acid reflux, ear infections, colic, asthma, ADD, ADHD and even with Autism symptoms. Infants/Children have spines just like adults and they need checked. Much easier to fix small problems in children before they become big adult problems.

8. Injuries due to car accidents
We have many patients who have been helped after being injured in car accidents. Chiropractic helps put everything back in place and takes care of the pain We direct bill all MVA claims and this can include massage therapy treatments.

9. Help with sleep.
Many people suffer from poor sleep quality due to pain/stress issues within the body. On top of causing sleep disruptions, it can also lead to some of the other symptoms we’ve discussed so far. We all know that a good night’s rest is one of the most important things we can give our body, to allow it o recharge while we sleep. Treating body pain with chiropractic therapy can help improve your quality of sleep, and thereby lead to a reduction in other symptoms.

10. Stress.
Let’s face it, in today’s fast paced world, life is hectic and most of us probably feel that we have too much going on. Stress is one of the most detrimental conditions to suffer from, because while it originates in the mind, it very often manifests physically in the body. Even if you don’t have pain, chiropractic treatments can help reduce stress in your body and soul. Think of it as a spa treatment- one that not only makes you feel good physically, but also makes you feel better emotionally.

 This next list is an oldie but one of my favorites!
We promise to not have these 10 on a visit with us!
 David Letterman's Top 10 Signs You've Gone to a Bad Chiropractor
10. When you walk, you make a wacky accordion sound.
9. Keeps saying, "A spine is like a box of chocolates."
8. Repeatedly asks, "You a cop? You sure you aint' no cop?"
7. Over and over, you hear crunching sounds followed by, "Uh-oh."
6. There's a two-drink minimum.
5. At end of session, lies down on the table and says, "My turn!"
4. He was nowhere near Woodstock and yet he's covered with mud.
3. Rushes in late to your appointment still wearing his Burger King uniform.
2. Hints that for an extra $50, he'll "straighten" something else.
1. You're fully clothed and he's naked.

Dr. Stephen Kelly D.C.

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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

What is that Popping or Cracking Sound?

 What is that Popping or Cracking Sound?

The popping or cracking sound that happens during a chiropractic adjustment is a very misunderstood component of Chiropractic. Often patients new and established say...”can you crack me Doc?” Now I know that this is sincere intention. However, this is far from the truth. The physical mechanism that causes the audible sound during an adjustment include:
  •             Nitrogen and Carbon Dioxide bubbles releasing as the joint is pulled apart.
  •             Rapid stretching of ligaments
  •            Adhesions and scar tissue being broken during realignment.

Furthermore, the audible sound during a spinal adjustment happens in response to sudden change in pressure in the spinal joint. It’s similar to opening a Champaign bottle- the sudden pressure change along with the air bubbles coming together makes sound.  So when people share their experience with Chiropractic by saying they seen their Chiro and He/She “Cracked or Popped” their neck or back and now it feels better. 

Although this is good to get back pain relief the description can be misleading of what’s actually happening. People then get a skewed sense of what Chiropractic is. A better description of what’s occurring during a Chiropractic adjustment the treatment removes nerve stress, nerve pressure, and realigning spinal structure to restore optimal function leading to a healthier person.

Finally and most importantly the sound during a Chiropractic adjustment is Not bone on bone.  If it were bone rubbing on bone the spinal joint would have severe Arthritis causing joint deterioration and would be exceptionally painful. To reiterate the sound during an Chiropractic adjustment is the release of pressure, while realigning the spine. 

There are also some Chiropractic techniques that adjust the spine without an audible sound. If you have any questions or concerns feel free to discuss this with your Chiropractor.

Dr. Elton Clemence is a Chiropractor at Family First Chiropractic and Wellness, located In Red Deer, AB 142 Erickson Dr, www.family1stchiro.ca 403-347-3261 to book an appointment.

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

CranioSacral Therapy and Caesarean Section

CranioSacral Therapy and Caesarean Section

Ensure your health following a C-section or other birth intervention

Every winter with my children’s’ birthdays I am reminded how my birth plans were changed by things that were not in my control. All my children were born by C-section and have benefited greatly from CranioSacral Therapy.

Caesarean Sections (or C-sections) are becoming more numerous every year among my clients.
You may have planned and hoped for a natural vaginal delivery but what happens if complications arise during birth? These complications during labour may result in your baby being delivered by:

·         Caesarean-section (C-section).
·         With the help of vacuum pump or suction.
·         With the help of forceps.

Interventions such as these, when necessary, often save lives. In my experience with Craniosacral Therapy - it helps to eliminate, or minimise, complications that arise as a result of these types of deliveries.
With CranioSacral Therapy, I work on the membranes and cerebrospinal fluid that surround and protect a person's brain and spinal cord, extending from the bones of the skull (which make up the cranium) down to the tailbone area (or sacrum).

The role of this system in the development and performance of the brain and spinal cord is so vital that an imbalance or dysfunction in it can cause sensory, motor and/or neurological disabilities.

A CranioSacral Therapist uses a touch generally no heavier than the weight of a nickel. Skilled practitioners can monitor this rhythm at key body points to pinpoint the source of an obstruction or stress. Once a source has been determined, they can assist the natural movement of the fluid and related soft tissue to help the body self-correct.

I have noticed that most babies (and moms too!) often need assistance following the effects of a difficult labour. One of the reasons for this is that in the ideal birth situation, nature has designed a baby's skull to be compressed as it travels through the birth canal during a vaginal birth.

Babies born by C-section miss out on this vital compression (which helps balance the cranial bones) through the birth canal. Babies born with the use of forceps or vacuum often experience undue stress on the head and face and strain patterns can often develop in their bodies. The euphoria of your baby's safe arrival can mask the stress that your baby has experienced. But soon problems can arise.

You may notice your baby has problems with:
·         Sleeping.
·         Feeding.
·         Breastfeeding.
·         Excess crying.
·         Constipation and straining while going to the toilet.
·         Flat spots or bulges on the head.
·         Ear infection.
·         Uneven ear or eye positions.
·         Infant colic.
·         Prefers feeding on one of their sides.
·         Prefers lying on one side rather than another.

With Craniosacral Therapy I use specific, gentle touch techniques to assess, resolve and eliminate the restrictions that cause these problems. The light pressure creates deep change - releasing restrictions in the baby's tissue that surrounds the brain and spinal cord. This intervention encourages the infant's body toward a natural alignment.

During the treatment the baby often naturally needs to cuddle, feed or cry as balance is restored and emotion is released in the body. Moms and Dads often feel a sense of relaxation as the baby's CranioSacral system returns to optimum function.

I have found that treatment with CranioSacral therapy benefits all babies following birth - but it is highly recommended for babies who have had birth complications - including Caesarean Sections.

Jeannette Raskin practices at Family First Chiropractic, 142 Erickson Drive, Red Deer, Alberta.  403-347-3261. www.family1stchiro.ca

Tuesday, December 06, 2016

Christmas and Chiropractic

 Christmas and Chiropractic

It’s that special time of year again – the Christmas season! The month of December is busy with holidays, family and church gatherings, shopping, winter sports, leisurely activities and so much more. In order to enjoy the holiday season, there are several things that you can do to make it even more enjoyable.

Shopping – Some presents can be large, heavy and awkward to carry. Use proper lifting techniques such as lifting from your legs to avoid a back injury. Be careful while walking through icy parking lots on your way to your car.

Winter sports – Skating and tobogganing are great forms of winter activities that are fun and good for you. Ensure that you are wearing a helmet to protect your head in the event of a fall while skating or falling off your sled. Whiplash effects can happen in these sports from even a minor fall so be sure to get adjusted soon after.

Family gatherings – Overeating and too much consumption of alcohol can happen easily. Be sure that you are consuming plenty of water to stay hydrated. Try not to eat too much during the holidays to avoid weight gain.

For some people, depression or anxiety may occur during the Christmas holidays. Be sure to take time for yourself to relieve your stress to avoid subluxation of your spine.

Ensure that you have proper rest during the holiday season. Functions and family gatherings including travel may cause stress on your body and spine so ensure that you have adequate sleep during this time.

Get adjusted. See your chiropractor to get realigned this Christmas season.

Merry Christmas to you and your family from all of us at Family First Chiropractic and Wellness here in Red Deer! www.family1stchiro.ca 403-347-3261