Tuesday, December 19, 2017

CranioSacral Therapy and Stress

The Christmas season is often a very stressful time of year for everyone.  With all the late nights, overindulging, and running around getting ready we often do not have or make enough time for ourselves.  CranioSacral therapy is a wonderful idea to help yourself distress in the middle or even after all the stress of the holidays. 

When most people think about CranioSacral therapy they think about helping headaches, chronic pain, or birth trauma.  But it can be used for so much more.  Often we just need time to relax and take some time for ourselves.  The bonus with CranioSacral therapy is that not only does it relax us but it also helps our body to heal itself as well.  CranioSacral therapy gets our parasympathetic system working.  Most of us spend most of our time in our sympathetic system (or fight and flight system).  This makes our body work that much more every day and stresses our whole body.  One or two CranioSacral treatments can help get your body work more effectively and at the same time relieve much of your stress.  We all deserve to take some time for ourselves.  Our bodies will thank us for it.    

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