Tuesday, September 23, 2014

CranioSacral Therapy and Women

CranioSacral Therapy and Women

One of the greatest benefits of CranioSacral therapy is its effectiveness in dealing with the many natural cycles, conditions and related complications that we women go through as we journey through life.
Conditions such as:
·         Puberty.
·         Attempting to get pregnant.
·         Pregnancy.
·         Pregnancy and birth complications.
·         Infant and toddler care and nurturing.
·         Menopause.
·         Conditions attached to later in life.
It is also in the area of Women's Health that conventional medicine and complementary health approaches are often found working side-by-side.
It is interesting to note that I notice the following:
  • The majority of people who make health decisions in the households tend to be the women (booking children, husbands for treatments).
  • While women are very happy to put enormous time and energy into looking after others (their unborn children when pregnant, baby infants, toddlers, children, Husbands/partners) - they seem to put themselves last in line when it comes to good old preventative and early treatment of many ailments!
I feel it is important for women to learn to take better care of themselves.

Working with CranioSacral Therapy myself over the last number of years has helped me to get more in touch with my own natural health rhythm - and I have found that while many of my female clients may have come for a specific ailment - over time they start to listen more to their own body and learn just what it needs to get back to health and stay there for the long term.

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