Tuesday, December 17, 2013

What happens during a CranioSacral Treatment

So, what happens during a CranioSacral therapy treatment?
Before the treatment - If this is your first appointment, we will first work through your medical history and your expectations from this CranioSacral Therapy treatment. You will then lie down comfortably - fully-clothed. If it is a child (under 16) or infant, you may be present during the entire treatment.

I will then use a light touch (about the weight of a nickel), beginning at the feet, to assess where restrictions and other related problems are in your body.  Once this is completed, I continue to work through other parts of your body.
During the treatment - Most people feel a general sense of relaxation (in fact many people fall asleep early in the treatment). Some people also feel heat, cold or a stretching of tissues in particular parts of the body.  The treatment generally lasts about an hour for adults and 30 minutes for infants and children.  This can vary depending on the person.

Following the treatment - Some people report that they feel as if somebody had moved things about in their body. You will normally feel tired after the treatment, but after a short rest and a glass of water, you will be well capable of driving home.

The amount of treatment needed depends on the condition, severity and age of the client.  Some people need as few as one treatment to notice changes.

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