Tuesday, June 05, 2018

Prenatal Massage

While prenatal massage does share many of the goals of regular massage, such as relaxing tense muscles, easing sore spots and improving circulation and mobility, studies continue to show that being massaged during pregnancy can also reduce stress and anxiety and decrease symptoms of depression. It can also have a positive effect on labour and your baby’s health. Recent studies also reveal that hormone levels improve significantly when massage is used as part of prenatal care, especially those hormones associated with relaxation and stress.
Other benefits of Prenatal Massage are:
·         Reduce any swelling in your hands, feet and ankles
·         Lessen sacroiliac joint pain, the most common lower back/hip pain that usually flares up in the second trimester
·         Ease muscular discomfort in areas such as your lower back, legs and feet
·         Relax tense muscles in your shoulders and neck
·         Relieve cramping in your legs
·         Increase flexibility
·         Ease headaches
·         Relax and de-stress
·         Decrease insomnia
·         Increase oxygen in the blood

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