Tuesday, February 27, 2018

What is Trigger Point Therapy?

Most of us will suffer from stiff, achy muscles, and numerous musculoskeletal pain conditions that are caused by ‘knots’. These ‘knots’ besides causing pain, weaken and limit the full functioning of a muscle. If left untreated, ‘knots’ can also compromise surrounding muscles, which are forced into compensatory patterns. This imbalance can create new trigger points, which can further set the stage for injury, additional pain, asymmetrical bodily appearance, as well as loss of muscle flexibility and strength.

Trigger point Therapy uses a variety of techniques to ‘deactivate’ these painful knots, using cycles of isolated pressure and release. Trigger point is generally simple to perform, by yourself, with a partner, or by working with a trained therapist. For most musculoskeletal conditions, a combination of trigger point therapy together with some simple lifestyle changes will produce quick and lasting results.

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