Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Getting old gracefully

Getting Old Gracefully

People tend to be more prone to eating unhealthy foods, spending their time clicking through channels in the recliner, and watching negative news or talk shows. This time could be spent planning their day and sending positive messages out to the universe. Making reference to the book –“The Secret”. What you put out to the universe is what you get.
Expressing health and happiness at your fullest potential. Takes a little effort. However we can simplify it by giving steps to ease up the journey.

Choose a healthier diet. Processed foods are bad. So if it doesn’t grow outside, swim, or graze on grass. Try to avoid it. Eat less sugars and dairy. Try organic, when possible! It’s more costly. However it’s worth the nutritional benefits. Eat less salt. Reducing sodium intake is beneficial in reducing blood pressure.

Get proper exercise.  Although a gym membership is great. You don’t have to get one. There are many activities. Red Deer has tons of green space to take advantage of. Walking and biking are great cardio exercises and stress relievers. Take advantage of the gorgeous fall weather--get outside breathe in deep and start walking!  The more we move the more oxygen intake. Endorphins kick in. This is when we start feeling really good while exercising.

Get adequate rest. This is where we repair and recharge to get through the day. Without sleep we are sacrificing energy needed for mental clarity and body function.  I understand that life gets in the way. So plan ahead. This leads to better choices.

Have an attitude of gratitude. Be grateful.  Some people opt for prayer. Others keep a journal where they record all the things to be thankful for. The more you start to being grateful. The more you will see the greatness in things!  Bring positive people into your lives .These people will help support and encourage us.

Finally get our nervous system checked.  While we are working on bettering ourselves it’s important to have an open connection between the brain and the body.  Stresses in life can cause interference in our innate to flow from our central nervous system out to our organs, tissues and cells (causing vertebral subluxations).  Your Chiropractor will remove your subluxations. Making your body work at it’s optimal level.

Blog posted by Dr. Elton Clemence at Family First Chiropractic located at 142 Erickson Drive Red Deer, AB T4R 2C3. Call us to book your next adjustment (403)347-3261 or visit our website www.family1stchiro.ca

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