Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Water Sports, Kids, and Injuries

Water Sports, Kids and Injuries
Summer time is here! Kids love to enjoy the hot weather near water whether it’s in the backyard on a slip and slide, at the pool, spray park or down by the lake or near the river. Along with the fun enjoyed by the youngsters comes slips and falls and the resulting injuries can include head and neck pain, lowback pain  and whiplash.
Many of these injuries are preventable by avoiding running near wet poolsides or on diving boards, for example. Surfaces that are constantly wet should have a gritty texture to improve traction.

Inevitably, kids will be kids and their enthusiasm will ultimately lead to injuries from time to time. Your friendly chiropractor can help your child get back to enjoying the pool and warm sun by adjusting your child’s neck and back to alleviate any spinal problems incurred by slips and falls. Dr. Joelle Johnson of Family First chiropractic and wellness has extensive training in pediatric chiropractic and is a member if the ICPA. The clinic is located at 142 Erickson drive, Red Deer 403-347-3261 to book your children in today. www.family1stchiro.ca 

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