Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Skiing and Snowboarding

Skiing and Snowboarding – Injury Prevention and Treatment

 Skiing and snowboarding are fantastic ways to get some great exercise while enjoying the outdoors and the beauty of winter. As with any sport, muscle strains or injuries occur whether it is due to poor warm-ups, overexertion, accidents or the cold weather.

Here are a few ideas to help prevent injuries on the slopes

-          Training to build up core strength including abdominal crunches, stairs, wall squats, and core exercises

-          Get equipment fitted properly before the season

-          Get your skis waxed for the ski conditions

-          Stretch for 5 minutes to loosen up the muscle groups in the arms, back and legs

-          Don’t go too hard on the first and last runs of the day to allow the body to warm up and cool down as most injuries on the hill occur late in the day

-          WEAR YOUR HELMET!

Keep in good condition this ski season by maintaining your spinal fitness with good core strength, staying flexible and getting regular adjustments. Regular chiropractic care with Dr. Joelle Johnson, or Dr. Stephen Kelly can help you to achieve these goals, maintain peak conditioning, and prevent injury.     

Massage therapy will also help with sore aching muscles from physical activity in the cold weather.

Did you know that Dr. Joelle Johnson is a volunteer member of the Canadian Ski Patrol System and has been for 15 years?

Call us this winter to stay aligned. Enjoy the slopes!


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