Thursday, December 27, 2012

Being a mom of twins.....


Being a Mom of Twins

People have told me that if you can survive the first year of mothering twins than the rest is easy.  I disagree.  Being the mother of 20 month old twin boys is not getting any easier.  For the first six months they ate what I served (breast milk).  Now it is ever changing what they will and will not eat.  I know that this is typical for toddlers but with two it is twice as fun.  What one will eat one day the other will not eat and then the next day they will switch.  One will eat the leftovers and the other twin will not touch it. 

When they where infants I always knew where they were.  They were where I put them.  Once they started moving it started getting more complicated.  I am actually lucky that my boys started walking quite late (fully walking around 18 months).  But once they did it is almost impossible to keep track of them.  I guess it is partially my fault (and my 3 year old daughter) for taking them to the park almost every day.  As soon as they could stand they would climb to the tallest apparatus they could, stand and say “jump”.  Usually one was on one side with the other twin as far away from the other one as possible.  I am almost certain that my blood pressure is not as low as it used to be. 

My twins are actually really great boys and a joy to be around.  I do look forward to the day though when (as my mother said – she had twins 44 years ago) I can only really remember the fun we had.  “I must have blocked a lot of the other things out”

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