Thursday, November 29, 2012

How many CranioSacral sessions do I need?

How many CranioSacral sessions do I need?

The most important step is to make an initial appointment. From that point it becomes evident how many sessions are required depending on your condition and how well you respond to the treatment. Some people may need just two sessions to relieve the main symptoms of their conditions whereas others may need four or five sessions inside a month followed by maintenance sessions for some time afterwards.  I find that in general infants and children heal quite quickly.  As well, if the problem is more acute and not chronic our bodies release the injury more quickly.

One of the things that I am very conscious of is to not generate a level of dependence on myself, the therapist. As result I am always happy when the client decides that they have got what they needed from the therapy for the present and rebook when they feel they need another session - or indeed, they are happy to move on.
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