Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Sciatic is a pain in the ......

Muscular Sciatica

Muscular Sciatica is often overlooked as the cause of mysterious back pain and leg pain.

Muscular sciatica is a result of a deep muscle spasm in the buttocks. This impinges the sciatic nerve near the hip, causing pain and weakness.

Sciatica Treatment
Early intervention based on awareness of the early symptoms of sciatica may avert debilitating pain. Taking immediate and appropriate action can alleviate pain episodes and prevent the condition from worsening

An ideal way to address early symptoms of sciatica is through use of therapeutic massage. Massage therapy helps remove waste materials from muscles. Benefits include "breaking up" muscle spasms and increases the flow of oxygen to the muscles. Massage also lengthens and relaxes muscle groups allowing them to rest. Range of motion and flexibility are restored.

Massage therapy is an ideal suppliment to other treatment approaches, such as chiropractic, and may help prevent problems that lead to or aggravate sciatica.

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