Tuesday, June 23, 2020

How active and sedentary should my preschool child be? How much sleep is recommended?

Guidelines from the WHO – World health organization for preschool children

Children 0-1 year of age
Exercise – at least 30 min
Screen time – NONE
Sleep time – 0-3 months 14-17 hours 4-11 months 12-16 hours a  day
Children ages 1-2
Exercise – at least 180 min – 3 hours at least
Screen time – NO MORE THAN 60 min- I strongly recommend NO TECH BEFORE TWO years of age
Sleep time: 11-14 hours

Children ages  3-4 
Exercise: at least 180 min – 3 hours at least  and 60 min of moderate to vigorous
Screen time : NO MORE THAN  60 min
Sleep time : 0-13  hours

Early childhood (under 5 years of age) is a period of rapid physical and cognitive development and a time during which a child’s habits are formed Lifestyle behaviors developed in early life can influence physical activity levels and patterns throughout the life. Sedentary behaviors, whether riding motorized transport rather than walking or cycling, sitting at a desk in school, watching TV or playing inactive screen-based games
are increasingly prevalent and associated with poor health outcomes Sleep time is also know to influence health outcomes and short sleep duration is associated with overweight and obesity in childhood as well as mental health issues amongst adolescents. Chronic insufficient sleep up to 7 years of age has been associated with increased adiposity in later childhood and adolescence.
There are recommendations to limit the exposure to screens in young children in a number of countries such as Australia, Canada, United States and New Zealand Sleep is essential for cognitive, physical and psycho social development in young children.

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