Tuesday, October 04, 2016

Case Study on Chiropractic Care and Bedwetting

Case Study on Chiropractic Care and Bedwetting

Several months ago a 9 year old boy came in to our clinic for issues with bedwetting every night. This issue caused extreme anxiety for him with travelling and sleepovers.  Even discussions between his mother and me caused embarrassment for the boy. 

Let’s call the boy, Jim, for this study. Jim had no illnesses, car accidents, injuries, falls, pain or discomfort or any “issues” except the bedwetting. While doing the history, we discovered that Jim played hockey, lacrosse, rode motor cross and had a trampoline at his home. His mother revealed that he had seen his medical doctor and other healthcare providers for the bedwetting with little to no change. Jim never had a chiropractic adjustment prior to coming to our clinic.
Many children come into our clinic with no pain symptoms but have other underlying issues – as in this case which was bedwetting. Jim’s pelvis and sacrum had taken multiple minor traumas with all the falls, jumps and impacts from his various sports and leisure activities. These minor impacts/insults accumulated into a larger issue with his sacrum and pelvic misalignment causing irritation to the nerves that innervate his bladder. Upon examination, his lumbar spinal range of motion was decreased and his pelvic range of motion was also decreased. Jim had numerous sore points in his pelvic musculature, buttocks and low back muscles. His reflexes were slightly diminished on the right side of his body as well.

Jim’s treatment included a rest from all sports for 2 weeks and no trampoline. Chiropractic adjustments were performed 3 times a week during that 2 week period and lumbar and pelvic stretches and exercises were done at home. He also took the homeopathy Avena Sativa during that time.

After the first treatment, his mother reported that he did not have a bedwetting accident that night which had not happened in his young life before. Over the 2 week period, Jim had only 5 accidents out of the 14 days. Jim has now been under my care for 6 months on a weekly schedule for 3 months and has reported only 3 bedwetting accidents in that time period. Each of the nights where an accident happened was after days where he had falls on his buttocks during sports activities.

Jim is now a happy 10 year old that goes to regular sleepovers without worry. Chiropractic care continues to change Jim’s life and can make a significant impact to your child’s life as well.

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