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Natural and Effective Hemorrhoid Treatments

Natural and Effective Hemorrhoid treatments

Many people experience severe pain with hemorrhoids especially pregnant women. Some pregnant mothers experience this early in pregnancy and others not until later or subsequent pregnancies. Hemorrhoids, also known as piles are normally present veins in the anus and rectum that become swollen and distended. Hemorrhoids are a rectal varicosity but often many expectant mothers have leg, thigh and other varicosities which can also be treated with these methods.

Fortunately when pregnant there are many options to help with the hemorrhoids that are natural remedies:
1.      First liver support is needed, I often recommend eating liver supporting foods such lemon, limes and green leafy veggies, which are sources of anthocyanin’s and flavonoids.
2.      Secondly have your sacrum, coccyx and pubic bone assessed by a doctor of chiropractic and treated with specific chiropractic adjustments. Often the mis-alignment of the tailbone and spine can cause nerve irritation and enhance or cause the hemorrhoids. A very gentle adjustment to the coccyx can give relief and reduction of the pain and swelling.
3.      Increasing fiber in the diet especially if there is constipation involved.
4.      Drinking half your body weight in ounces per day of water-i.e. If you weigh 140 pounds then you should be drinking 70 ounces per day or 9-10 8 ounce glasses per day of water.
5.      Additional supplementation of Vitamin C will aid in the integrity of the blood vessel walls.
6.      Dandelion tea and milk thistle support the liver and can greatly help reduce varicosities and are safe to take when pregnant and nursing
7.      For the long-time or chronic hemorrhoid sufferers I recommend the homeopathy Hammemelis virginiana as well as doing a sitz bath on a regular basis. For acute the homeopathy Paeonia helps for the sharp stabbing pain.
8.      A Squatty potty will reduce the pressure on the rectum and help reduce the strain on the swollen veins when eliminating wastes.  www.squattypotty.com
9.      Sitz baths are very effective and greatly reduce swelling- thus relieving the pain. You can purchase a sitz bath plastic inset to go onto the toilet from many pharmacies and health food stores. Use luke warm to tepid water with a very strong Epsom salt concentration. When pregnant a few drops of lavender oil or juniper oil helps to reduce the inflammation added to your sitz bath.
10.  Shepherds purse also works very well with the sitz bath but is NOT RECOMMENDED WHEN PREGNANT.
11.  The cream combination from Borion Aesculus compose works well for the itching and pain of the hemorrhoids
12.  We will often tell my patients to do the homeopathy Hammemelis, then the sitz bath for 15 min followed by inserting the pinky or index finger while lying on your side in bed with a pillow between your knees and gently pushing the swollen veins back into the rectum. Then ‘clamping’ the rectum closed around the inserted finger, then removing your finger slowly keeping the rectum tight and contracted for 30 min. This will use your rectal muscles to compress on the swollen veins reducing the swelling and thus reducing the pain. You must lay there with the rectum closed on your side for 30 min- this will take some concentration and rectal muscle control.

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