Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Natural Cold Remedies

Natural cold remedies

Lets face it – winter is upon us and that generally means more colds and nasty viruses. What do you do to cope and help alleviate the common cold? Here are a few of my home and natural remedies that I use to help myself and my family feel better when we do get a cold.

One of the leading reasons that we get ill is our immune system is depleted, making sure you are eating healthy and getting lots of sleep alleviates some stressors on our system.
Clinical symptoms of cold in Infants: sneezing, fever, irritability, and restlessness. Older children/Adults: sinusitis, headaches, malaise and unwillingness to eat.

Our gut is a large part of our immune system so eating healthy organic local foods helps us stay healthy. Eliminate sugars, process food, preservatives and junk food in your diet- especially when you are sick.
Many patients will realize that they are getting ‘sick’ they will come in for an adjustment- adjusting the neck region (cervical) and mid back (thoracic) will help to increase the immunity and general health of the patient helping to ‘fight’ the cold.
Here are a few remedies that I have collected over the years

·         Coryzalia from Borion- great for adults and children- this works wonderfully with my family
·         Vitamin D on a regular basis especially in the months Sept through April in Central Alberta
·         Vinegar and water humidifier/vaporizer – preferably organic apple cider vinegar- one part vinegar, 2 parts water
·         Spanish Black Radish
·         Bone broth soup
·         Saline wash in the nasal cavities- a nettie pot works great
·         Garlic
·         Elderberry syrup
·         D3, vitamin C and zinc
·         Ingest coconut oil
·         Steam the face with oregano water
·         Apple cider vinegar gargle
·         Ginger, lemon and honey tea

Homeopathies such as
·         Acontinum napellus is used in the early stages of illness, often within hours after exposure to the cold and wind, at the signs of the ‘first shiver’
·         Allium cepa is for a watery runny nose and a strong remedy for hay fever
·         Arsenicum album is for when your child feels chilly and better with warmth
·         Belladonna is good for a sudden high fever
·         Chamomilla is a wonderful colic and teething remedy and useful for colds,
·         Ferrum phosphoricum is similar to belladonna and good for a flushed face and a throbbing fever
·         Natrum muriaticum is used for a sneezing cold and white egg like nasal discharge
·         Pulsatilla is for a creamy mucous from pale yellow to green color

Written by Dr. Joelle Johnson- mother of 3 boys and a chiropractor of 15 years at Family First Chiropractic and Wellness, 142 Erickson drive, Red Deer, T4R 2X3.  www.family1stchiro.ca


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