Thursday, November 08, 2012

Vaginal birth lowers babies risk of respiratory problems

Benefits of Vaginal birth:
Babies born vaginally have a lower risk of respiratory problems. It is widely accepted that the contractions of labour help prepare the baby's lungs to breathe air. Babies born by caesarean section have a higher risk of respiratory distress syndrome than babies born vaginally at the same gestational age. Adults with asthma are more likely to have been delivered by caesarean section compared with adults without asthma.It is also widely acknowledged that the baby plays a part in deciding when the time is right to be born. It has been commented that babies born by elective caesarean section can show signs of being angry and do not appreciate being delivered before they are ready.

The passage down the birth canal also gives a baby a wonderful first 'spinal aligment' that wakes up various systems in the body.When the birth has gone well, the baby is often peaceful, quiet and relaxed.
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